Master Degree - Presentation

The purpose of the Professional Master's Degree in Systems and Product Engineering Program at IFBA is to provide the student with conditions to perform, with proficiency, advanced activities in the industry and to initiate them in applied research. Graduates must be able to carry out research activities and consistently apply scientific knowledge in the development of new technologies that meet the emerging demands of society. The professional formed by this program should also be able to develop projects for new products and technological systems, understanding that the design phase is fundamental in the innovation process. The focus is on the development of advanced systems and products, encouraging interaction between professionals of different profiles, in order to enhance the capacity for innovation. It is expected that it will develop a qualified technical-scientific production capacity. With the acquired knowledge, the Master in Systems and product Engineering will find his own position in the market. The course will also allow the egress to mature for undergraduate teaching activities, with the activity of teaching internship, emphasizing that teaching is not the main objective of the proposed professional master's degree.

Concentration area

Design and Development of Technology, Products and Systems

Research lines

Computational, Control and Communication Systems and Products

This line of research deals with aspects related to the development of current modern systems, such as Systems Integration, Systems of Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Ubiquitous and Distributed Systems, among others; and the development of products based on this systems integration.

Biomedical Systems and Products

This line of research deals with aspects related to the development of systems and products for use in human health. Products and systems have a broad meaning here, and may involve new equipment, techniques, services, processes or procedures applicable to the health sector, in the areas of medicine and dentistry and in the respective support in diagnoses, therapies and life support.


In addition to the preparation of the final paper and its respective defense, the student must attend a number of subjects corresponding to at least 24 (twenty-four) credits in subjects: mandatory (14 credits) and optional (10 credits). The Teaching Internship activity counts 2 (two) credits to the total credits in elective subjects, being mandatory for 1 semester for scholarship holders (ex: MP Fapesb Professional Master's Scholarship). The final work can contemplate other forms besides the Dissertation, according to the Professional Master's regulations, such as, for example, patent and software registration.

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